Can Ben unravel the mystery before the mystery unravels him?

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Licence To Die GRUnGE.001

Three shattered people.

Two cutting-edge technologies.

One licence to die.

This time, the spy game is real.

‘A total stranger knows my thoughts? Oh, my God! I’m gonna die. For real.’ 

When fledgling ASIO agent and tech guru, Benjamin Alejandro, takes over a top-secret ‘mind-reading’ software project, he inadvertently exposes Mac, an unwitting participant who’s embroiled in a dodgy witness protection scheme.

The mysterious Mac unravels Ben’s altruistic comfort zone quicker than a cat attack. With a criminal consortium poised to pounce, is Ben the only one who gives a bandicoot’s patootie whether the audacious teenager lives or dies? Stuck for options, Ben enlists hotshot game developer, Christopher Darnell, but Chris’s own demons surface to drag them all under.

Integrity and emotions collide as Mac’s thoughts—brilliant, spirited, and irresistible—dance across Ben’s computer screen. With a killer closing in, time running out, and Chris out for revenge, must Ben pay the ultimate price to save the intriguing stranger whose thoughts have captured his heart?

Bleeding hope and humour through cracks at the edge of reality, Licence to Die is quirky, raw, and redemptive; a unique blend of intrigue and inspiration with an upmarket Down Under vibe. 

Mazzy Adams’ entertaining, genre-bending fiction offers a thought-provoking word feast for New (and not-so-new) Adults alike, with deeper allegorical and metaphysical mysteries to intrigue upmarket readers and book club connoisseurs.

Licence to Die (GRUnGE.001)

A zesty, genre-bending fiction recipe:


  • one altruistic Aussie Bourne/Bond wannabe
  • one hotshot computer game developer (hogtied with survivor’s guilt) and
  • one audacious teenager

into a metaphysical mixing bowl.

Combine with

  • two cutting-edge, mind-reading technologies
  • one bedevilled criminal consortium
  • bromance and betrayal.


  • a splash of inspiration
  • a dash of Calvin and Hobbes’ Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat’s philosophical humour
  • an underlying allegory, and
  • a pinch of romance.

Sprinkle with quirky acronyms.

Bake with a fertile imagination.

Garnish with a colourful print or eBook format.


Serves: More than enough to satisfy ravenous genre readers and upmarket book club connoisseurs alike.